Timex Herren-Armbanduhr Digital Quarz Plastik TW5K94800

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Typ Herrenuhr
Marke Timex

Is High-Tech your style? Need to have the very latest in both design AND technology and nothing else will do? Then a Timex digital style watch is probably exactly what youre looking for! This Timex watch offer up the very latest in whats trending on the national and international level. Whether youre into the latest digital add-ons, or youre more of a sporting-type person, or just an enthusiast of all things not analog. The Timex Marathon watch will be the watch youll want to turn to for all sorts of lifestyle activities. The digital display and 50 meters / 165 feet / 5 atm water resistance make it a winner straight out of the box, but what REALLY sets this watch apart from many of the competitors is their light and alarm.With a durable, protective mineral crystal to guard against bumps, scrapes, and scratching and a rugged black rubber wristband, will for make sure that once you strap one of these babies on its definitely not going to be coming off! All of the state-of-the-art inner workings and its analog-quartz movement are encased in one of the finest resin cases we have ever laid eyes on. With far greater battery life, superior resilient bodies, and more smart features than an entire host of other watches on the market today, Timex digital watches today can be found in either very simple straightforward, futuristic or smart-looking and acting designs. Which one works best is all up to you! Built for reliability, built for exercise, built for sports, and built for fun, digital watches are your all-around, all-purpose watch for ALL occasions!

€ 31,30 * € 34,00

inkl. MwSt.

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